a path

Much like the sentiments suggested by John Miles Foley's pathways project and Michel de Certeau's tactical walking the city, I hope people will make their own paths through this space. Often, exploration comes through deviation from a path. So, here I lay out a loose path through some of the moments in a proximate bible to help orient your 'walking.' Yet, whatever paths I build are only in the service of encouraging you to leave this path and make your own. This path link is always available at the top of the site, so feel free to return to it as needed along the way.

- codex all the way down
- book as a mode of living
- entangled page (outside site that paved way for this project)

- a proximate bible - a proposal
- what's in a title
- material bible
- anarchic approximations
- seeds of anarchy

- pathways and fragments
- curating the conversation
- notes afoot